30 de agosto de 2013

Documentário a caminho

Queridos amigos, recebi esses dias um email de meu amigo Cary, rabino norte-americano e batmaníaco, autor de The Wizard of Batcave, informando sobre o lançamento de um belíssimo documentário chamadado Legends of the Knight. Até onde vi, trata-se de uma série de depoimentos de especialistas em Batman, criadores do herói e pessoas comuns aficionadas que se inspiraram na mensagem de resiliência do morcegão para superar limites. A capacidade do ser humano de ir além de suas fragilidades acabou encontrando no Cavaleiro das Trevas uma síntese. Olhem agora no http://wearebatman.com e, por favor, deixem comentários aqui.
Os 14 heróis do documentário: Brett Culp Producer/Director Brett has produced documentary-style films for Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, royalty, best-selling authors, and rock stars. His work has been featured in national programs on NBC, CBS, and WEtv. He is a passionate Batman fan. Michael Uslan Because of his love for Batman, Michael spent more than a decade convincing Hollywood executives that a serious Dark Knight would connect with audiences. He has served as Executive Producer of every Batman film since 1989. Denny O'Neil As a comic book writer & editor, Denny redefined Batman for contemporary audiences. He is one of the most important & prolific Batman storytellers of the 20th century. Lenny B Robinson Famous for being pulled over by police in his Batmobile wearing a full costume, Lenny visits children's hospitals around the country spreading inspiration & hope. Jill Pantozzi As a superhero fan & journalist, Jill has found inspiration for her real-life challenges in the characters of Batman stories. Kye Sapp At age 5, Kye was diagnosed with leukemia. Throughout treatment, he gained strength by identifying himself with Batman. With initial treatment complete, his hometown of Arlington granted him a magical Batman wish. Rabbi Cary Friedman The stories of Batman have profoundly impacted Cary since childhood. This motivated him to write the book "Wisdom from the Batcave", which expresses the life lessons & moral teachings in Batman tales. Dr. Travis Langley Combining his expertise in psychology with his passion for Batman, Professor Langley has taught a Batman course & written a book that illuminates the field of psychology through the characters & stories of Batman. Gotham Chopra Driven to explore the connection between ancient & modern storytelling, Gotham co-authored the book "Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes" with his father, Deepak Chopra. Brian Elliott Working as a missionary in Thailand, Brian raises funds for humanitarian projects around the globe by running marathons in a Batman outfit. Patrick O'Connor Patrick uses Batman comic books as a tool for therapy, allowing him to explore challenging topics with his clients in a familiar, relaxed context. Petaluma Batman Full-time student, part-time community servant. Petaluma Batman raises money & does good deeds in his hometown in California. His identity remains a mystery... Daniel Scott While facing real-life physical challenges, Daniel uses Batman as a symbol to overcome & stretch his limits. David O'Leary David was inspired by the stories of Batman to become a real crime fighter. He is the captain of the gang unit for the Las Vegas Police Department.

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