Bat-release de 2005 em inglês

Brazilian journalist writes a guide with 1,500 entries about Batman

The several versions and all details about the universe of the most popular comics hero are now close at hand. The DICIONÁRIO DO MORCEGO (Dictionary of the Bat) written by Brazilian journalist Sílvio Ribas, reveals Batman in almost 1,500 entries. The book is a result of very personal research the author has developed since he was a child, as a data collector about the most famous pop culture icon.

From villains and classic allies of the Dark Knight – as Robin, the buttler Alfred, Joker, Penguin, Riddler and Catwoman – to names of people and places inspired by the legend, the 276 glossary pages bring a very close inspection of everything related to the Batman. Besides an author, character and publication directory, the book also offers quotes, parodies and references. “I wanted to write the most complete guide in Portuguese language about Batman along the 66 years of history and through the most different medias,” says Ribas.

This unpublished format comes to the bookstores simultaneously with the third Batmania wave, started with the film Batman Begins avant-premiere in movie theatres throughout the world. The two first waves were anchored by the 1966 TV series and by the 1989 film. As a result of them, even those who had never read the comics recognize the hero and his symbols.

Comics, movies, TV series and ads, cartoons, games, radio casts, toys, music and several curiosities. “They all help the book,” says Ribas, “to achieve one of the goals, which is a convergent point among the fans, as well as a necessary, essential source for more detailed researches about the issues applied to the topic or the topic itself.” He also reminds that the book has everything to fulfil a broader range of readers, not only Batman lovers, but professionals from journalism, psychology, sociology, history and arts.

Sílvio Ribas, 35, a journalist from the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, wants to be seen rather as an expert of the Batman phenomenon than a bat-maniac. An important researcher about the character in Belo Horizonte, capital of Minas Gerais state, where he lives, the author of Dicionário do Morcego decided to put in the book researches and analyses about the hero he has been producing in the last 17 years. During the journalism graduation, he produced in 1991 a video about the Dark Knight. He was a very active member of Biblioteca Nacional de Histórias em Quadrinhos (Comics National Library) and founded with friends Correio Gotham (The Gotham Post,) a mail exchange club of Brazilian Bat-fans. His collection of comic’s editions all dedicated to the Batman Family is about 3,000 items. He has published several articles about Batman in special reports on newspapers, magazines and TV. He works as a reporter, editor and commentator, and started his career in 1993, working for the three major newspapers in Brazil along these 12 years. He was awarded with several journalism prizes and has participated in several coverages in Brazil and abroad. He has been the editor assistant at Estado de Minas newspaper since 2002.


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